"Share The Knowledge Share The Wealth"




The Mission

We are striving to provide an affordable, distraction free learning platform for all different levels of traders and investors. We aim to provide access to expert education, innovative trading tools, time tested and research backed investment and trading strategies, as well as to provide strategic and essential social and networking opportunities. 


Here at GTS we use a team-based approach to draw on the strengths and expertise of every member of the investment team. Everyone gets to learn, benefit, and strive from others strengths and assist improve on weaknesses. 


Investing and trading shouldn't feel like a lotto ticket or casino. Join GTS and learn strategy-based investing that has been tested and proven by all levels of investors and traders.


Networking at GTS is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with other traders and investors. This is a vital part of successful trading in today's market.